We work in a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary team to tackle some of the challenges of 21st century. We strive to be innovative, transparent, and inclusive. Our main interest is to integrate experimental data and computational methods to discover new solutions.

Current areas of focus in our lab are:

Functional Peptides

Peptides are small stretches of amino acids (<40 residues) that can be made out of non-canonical building blocks. Many naturally occurring peptides are involved in important functions such as self-defense and signaling.

Our goal is to:

  1. Study naturally occurring peptides to understand their features 

  2. Design new functional peptides

Check our paper on designing structured cyclic peptides.

Novel Biosensors

Being able to detect diseases in an early stage has a huge impact in increasing the chance of recovery and reducing the cost of treatment.  

Our goal is to :

  1. Develop protein-based sensing platforms for early detection of diseases

  2.  Generate biosensors for pollutant detection

Computational Biology

Recent years have witnessed a rise in use of computational methods in biology, opening avenue for new exciting directions for better prediction of natural systems as well as designing novel ones.

Our goal is to use state-of-the-art computational methods to:

  1. Predict behaviors of natural systems

  2. Guide rapid and efficient generation of functional biomolecules

Figure art inspired by grocklin