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Our lab's philosophy

We aim to push the boundaries of science in a collaborative, inclusive, and friendly environment. Our work is motivated by current needs of our society and is shaped by creativity and observation. We believe science should be inclusive, fun, inspiring, and collaborative and we strive to make our lab culture such.

We welcome collaborative and enthusiastic members from all backgrounds to our team.

Learn more about our research and join us if you are interested.

Upcoming Lab Events

  • Mar 9-11          Winter RosttaCon

  • Feb  23-24        Student welcome!

  • Jan and Feb     Candidates   


  • And we're back again!

  • Our lab just received a Rosetta mini-grant for a project to design libraries of protein hetero-dimers with known affinities and diverse shapes!

  • Edin has won the prestigious Hans Horse Meyer award! Congrats Edin!

  • Our lab was awarded an NSF grant to work on designing new metalloproteins!

  • Noora Azadvari's research was selected for a talk at summer RosettaCon! Go Noora!

  • Karly Fear was awarded Aaron Novick's best thesis award! Congrats Karly!

  • Alonso Cruz and Karly Fear gave talks at Undergraduate Research Symposium!

  • Karly Fear just defended her thesis in an amazing presentation! Congrats Karly!

  • Cassandra Gonzalez joined as our lab manager!

  • A group of high school and middle school students visited our lab and learned about protein engineering!

  • Alonso Curz won the second place in Fund it Forward student video challenge! Congrats Alonso! Check out his awesome video! He also won the Knight Campus annual award for communication! Way to go!

  • Karly Fear from the lab is one of the recipients of UO UROP minigrant! She received $1,000 to support her research! Way to go Karly!

  • Today was a good day at our lab. Our methods paper on designing cyclic peptides is out! We also are thrilled to announce that we are one of the awardees of NIH New Investigator DP2 grant! To more exciting days like this!

  • Check this overview of methods for purification and characterization of metalloproteins.

  • Check out our latest paper in Nature Communications!

  • We are honored to be the recipient of 2021 Baxter foundation award to study neuropeptides signaling pathway in a molecular level.

  • Congrats to Karly to be selected as VPRI Undergraduate Researcher Fellow! Well-done!

  • Check out our latest paper in ACS Catalysis!

  • Kevin Harnden just started as a postdoc in our lab. Welcome Kevin! 

  • 2021 is off to an exciting start. We like to welcome Karly and Alonso to our team!

  • Christian Topete will be joining our group as a Research Assistant. Welcome Christian!

  • We will be officially starting on September 16th. 

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