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Join us!

We welcome people from all background to our lab. We are looking for enthusiastic and collaborative individuals to join our lab who are interested to do innovative and translational work.

We do not put specific ads for positions, so feel free to contact Parisa (parisah 'at' if you are interested.

Postdoctoral Researcher

We’re currently looking for postdocs that are looking to solve solutions at the intersection of chemical biology and computational biology. In particular, we are interested in postdocs with expertise in one of these fields: 1. Molecular biology and protein biochemistry, 2. Peptide synthesis and chemistry, 3. Computational biology, especially deep learning. Please send your CV, a summary of research interests, and two letters of recommendation directly to Parisa.

Graduate Students

If you’re interested in joining our lab, we will need take students from different programs at the University of Oregon including department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Institute for Molecular Biology. We also take students through our joint Bioengineering program

Undergraduate Students

If you’re interested in joining our lab, please send your CV to Parisa. To improve your learning experience, you will need to spend ~10 hours/week in the lab for at least 3 quarters. Check out the Knight Campus Undergraduate Scholars program; it provides funding for UO undergraduate students to perform a full year of research in a Knight-Campus affiliated lab.

If you're interested in a summer internship program or post-bac opportunity, check opportunities through Rosetta commons.

Why join our lab?

Be part of shaping a scientific community. As a new lab, we all work together to shape the direction and the culture of the lab. Being a member of a new lab will give you the unique opportunity to see first hand how a scientific community is shaped and gives you a voice in making changes and developing the lab's culture and scientific direction.

Work in a highly collaborative and translational field. Our lab's research is inspired on by the problems we see in our society. We take on an innovative and highly interdisciplinary approach to solve these problems. By working in our lab, you learn about different aspects of biochemistry and computational biology. In addition you become part of a highly connected network of scientists through scientific links in the lab. For example, all members become part of the Rosetta Commons community.

Develop your scientific and personal skills. As a member of a new lab, you have the opportunity to get a lot of mentoring time with me. We will work together on your individual development plan and make sure your training fully prepares you for the next steps in your career of choice. You will also be involved with a community with vibrant discussions on all areas of science including education, outreach, and justice. We want to do great research and be great scientists who have the courage to change their environment for the better.

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