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Getting involved ...

If you find our research interesting or you just love science, there are many ways you can get involved:

  • Play a game and solve science puzzles! Check awesome Foldit lab report videos on youtube. Here is report #1.



If you want to do more, consider donating to organizations that help provide an inclusive and diverse environment to advance science. Here are a few:

  1. Help increase the number of women in color in the digital space through Black Girls Code

    • More action to raise Black in computing? check out this list of action items compiled by Black-in-Computing.

  2. Support mentorship for underrepresented STEM enthusiasts through M.U.S.E

  3. Empower students and student employees through financial and social resources by donating to Academic Mutual Aid Foundation

  4. Help increase the representation of indigenous peoples of north America by donating to American Indian science and technology society.









If you are a scientist and want to be engaged in outreach activities, below are some fun opportunities:

  1. Bring in a classroom into the lab and tell them about your research through skype a scientist program.

  2. Be a scientist penpal of a young to-be-scientist by registering into letters to a pre-scientist.
  3. Join SACNAS, ABRCMS, or other affinity conference chapters in your area or attend one of them.
  4. Check your local museum and see if they have a program for volunteers.

Science Outreach

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