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Parisa Hosseinzadeh (She/Her/Hers)

Assistant Professor

parisah 'at'

Research interests:

Protein and peptide design, Computational methods in biochemistry, Biosensors and enzymes, Machine learning


B.Sc            University of Tehran, Iran

PhD             University of Illinois at Uraban-Champaign

                    Advisor Yi Lu

Postdoc       Univeristy of Washington, Seattle

                    Advisor David Baker

Other interests:

science outreach, justice in STEM, reading, sports, crafting




Kevin Harnden (He/Him/His)

Postdoctoral Scholar

kharnden 'at'

Research interests:

Protein design, bionorganic chemistry, machine learning, alternative energy, bioremediation, green catalysis


B.Sc            Sonoma State University

PhD             University of Illinois at Uraban-Champaign

                    Advisor Yi Lu

Other interests:

Volunteering, outreach, traveling, film, music, video games, books, Brazilian jiu jitsu, yoga, art

Updated Portrait.jpg

Christian Lee Topete (He/Him/His)

Research Assistant

ctopete 'at'

Research interests:

Utilizing immunology and biochemistry for early disease detection via peptide and protein design


A.A.S          Biotechnology and molecular bioscience

                    Glendale community college

B.S.             Cellular and molecular biology

                    Western New Mexico University

R.E.U          Colorado State University

                    Investigating HIV-1drug resistance by protease mutatants

                    Advisor Chaoping Chen

Other interests:

Supporting scientific diversity, STEM related outreach/activities, rock climbing, running, hiking, weight training, traveling, paintball, comic book collecting

Lab Photo.jpeg

Karly Fear (She/Her/Hers)

Undergraduate Research Assistant

kfear 'at'

Research interests:

Protein design for precision medicine application, computational biology and bioinformatics


B.S.             Biology, Chemistry minor

                    Class of 2022

Other interests:

Supporting women and minorities in STEM, Fostering science engagement in younger generations, Traveling, Yoga

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Alonso Cruz (He/Him/His)

Undergraduate Research Assistant

alonsoc 'at'

Research interests:

Using protein design and gene-editing methods to discover new disease treatment options that will improve the prognosis and quality of life


B.S.             Human physiology, Chemistry minor

                    Class of 2023

Other interests:

Public health, drumming/music, diversity in the STEM workforce, playing sports, cooking, outdoor related endeavors


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