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Initial Steps

  1.  Read our lab's agreement. Let ParisaH know if you have any questions about any part or have any suggestions and additions. This is a living document.

  2. Familiarize yourself with basics of protein biochemistry and protein design. Checkout suggested readings in scientific resources.

  3. Familiarize yourself with basics of bash and python scripting as well as basics of Rosetta scripts. Check videos and chapters in scientific resources.

  4. Know our biosafety and ethics rules (coming soon).


Protein Biochemistry and Design

  1.  Basics of amino acids, proteins, and Biochemistry

    • Check-out Principle of Biochemistry of Lehninger, chapters on proteins

      • ​(Available in our lab's library.​ Sign-up to borrow)

    • Listen to these basic videos by David Baker

  2. Educational videos on different techniques used in a protein design lab 

  3. Readings for those interested



  1.  Basic coding modules

  2. Useful Rosetta-specific links

  3. Beyond Rosetta scripts

  4. Computational platforms we use

  5. Machine Learning  

  6. Additional resources collected by a great scientist.


For Trainees

Our lab is dedicated to personal and professional growth of its members. In addition to trainings you get through mentorship and attending meetings, you may find some general resources below:

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